Cougars vs Younger Women

The Differences Between Hunting Cougars and Younger Women

It’s always a mistake to lump everyone into the same category. That’s why this book is so useful to those who are planning on seducing older women. Adjustments need to be made when it comes to your approach, since the psychology can be quite different, depending on who you’re dealing with. I would suggest that you pay strict attention to this chapter for that very reason. Ready?

Topics of Conversation

A short attention span is one of the many hazards of communicating with young women in a nightclub or a crowded bar. It’s like trying to discuss the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in the middle of a Disney World fireworks display. There’s just too much going on. Bright lights, dancing and your drunk buddies trying to compete with you just get in the way.

But a cougar has a distinct advantage when it comes to focusing on what’s coming out of your mouth. Talking to a drunk younger woman can be like trying to hold a conversation with a puppy. But a cougar can not only listen to your words, she can even take a conversation to a deeper level.

In some parts of the country, you may find a less sophisticated crowd that has no interest in holding an intelligent conversation in a bar or nightclub. There, an engrossing discussion will interest the average cougar, whereas only a 27 year old doctoral candidate will want to have that kind of discussion in a Hard Rock Café.

sexy_womenTo help you understand more fully what I’m talking about, here’s a list of conversation topics that a cougar may appreciate, but a younger woman may have no interest in:

• Books that don’t involve vampire romances or other young people “trends”
• Historical observations
• Psychology and Sociology
• Media and the negative effects of our pop culture
• Philosophical subjects
• Spirituality (especially as it pertains to Eastern religions)
However, your goal here is not to sound like the professor at a Harvard University seminar.

You should only talk about subjects that genuinely interest you, and that you have a working knowledge of. There are a couple of very good reasons for this. First of all, you’re trying to get her into bed, not lecture her on a complex subject. If you want to discuss educational topics at length, then you should enroll in a college class. Even then, if you’re picking up cougars there your goal is still the same (actually, college continuing education classes are classic cougar dens).

You may also want to know that anything to do with spirituality (yoga, meditation, etc.) is a great venue for hunting cougars. I believe a lot of hat has to do with the fact that those who feel that they are “missing” something in their lives are drawn to Spiritual topics. The two biggest groups that involve themselves in this are middle-aged women and young people who feel isolated and have yet to “find themselves.”

You will also want to avoid the mistake of looking for approval in order to get an older woman into bed. Earlier, we discussed why it’s important to understand that it’s you who’s giving her the gift, and not the other way around. The best way to think about this entire subject is to strive towards a “win-win” situation that is free from any type of barter. Rather, it should be a mutual understanding of how engaging in physical pleasure is a normal function of human nature.

Hunting cougars and having sex with them is merely a way to expedite this form of pleasure that we all deserve. Trickery has no place in this pursuit.

Pop Culture References

Don’t think that older women are somehow locked in a time bubble that sealed itself shut back in the 1980s. Cougars are surprisingly up to date on the latest trends—in many cases, more so than you may be. Woman who are interested in younger men tend to gravitate towards modern culture rather than relive the past.

But, even so, the cultural references that you’ll share with a cougar reaches much further back than what you would share with a younger woman. Hitting upon a shared cultural reference from the past will instantly bring a smile to each of your faces. In actuality, it may feel like a deep resonance that closely resembles a solid friendship or even (gasp) a touch of genuine affection. In some cases, this is how a desire for a relationship can sneak up on you. More on that later. For now, we’re headed straight to the bedroom.

Getting Ready For Sex in Less Time

While it’s a good idea to approach an interest in a physical encounter as early as possible with any woman, it’s far more critical when it comes to engaging a cougar. But don’t be completely overt about it. A mistake in this area can destroy your chance for sex right at the get go. To learn some powerful tactics for “sexualizing” the conversation, check out the Conversation Commando e-book that is included in the Cougar Traps system.

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